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QuickSQL News

  • QuickSQL v2.2.0.18178 released : 29-AUG-2004
    Some fixes and improvements

  • QuickSQL v2.1.0.0 released : 24-FEB-2003
    This is the final release version for the QuickSQL 2.x series

  • QuickSQL v2.0.0.7-Beta released : 07-NOV-2002
    This is the last beta for the QuickSQL 2.x series.

  • QuickSQL New Website  :  07-SEP-2002
    A complete website including forums for QuickSQL was launched. So please utilise it to the max. Speakout your comments, views, requests, feedback.. at the forums.

  • QuickSQL v2.0.0.4-Beta Ready for daily use  :  05-SEP-2002
    QuickSQL v2.0.0.4-Beta takes a big step from the older versions.
    We beleive it's ready for daily use .(There are of course lots of features to be added) Please visit the Change Log page for more information.

  • Alpha version released  :  18-AUG-2002
    QuickSQL Alpha has been released. Please visit the change log page for more information.

  • QuickSQL Mailing List  :  15-AUG-2002
    QuickSQL mailing list was opened on the request of users. Click here to subscribe to the mailing list and be updated on latest QuickSQL info. Feel free to discuss anything related to QuickSQL, SQL, Databases or .NET in the list

  • QuickSQL v 2.x --> .NET based.  :  9-AUG-2002
    Because the previous version of QuickSQL was COM based it caused a lot of problems on computers with outdated ActiveX controls. Since the beginning of Windows the DLL Hell has been a problem. By using .NET this problem is solved
    The only thing you need is the .NET Framework This is a 17Megs download which you only need to install once. Any other .NET software you download will run without any problems.

  • Release v1.00  :  9-AUG-2002
    This version is fully functional.
    Many people I know have been using it for some time and haven't found any major bugs, infact they are very pleased with it.
    There are some minor problems with MySQL since QuickSQL uses a disconnected way of interacting with the DBMS.
    This should be fixed ASAP.

  • Help Wanted  :  13-MAY-2002
    The project needs a doc writer. Please contact the project Admin if you would like to help.

  • First Release  :  13-MAY-2002
    First release of QuickSQL. SQL Tester was renamed to QuickSQL.

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