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About QuickSQL

A .NET SQL Tool for developers and students.

What is QuickSQL?

QuickSQL can connect to just about any data source to provide quick and easy access to your SQL1 data. With QuickSQL the need for database specific SQL tools is gone.

  • Please view the features page for QuickSQL features list.

How did it start?

A few years ago, when I was learning ASP and ADO I could never remember how to write the connectionstring for the ADO Connection. Thatís when I decided to write a small application which could generate the connectionstring for me. It wasnít my intention to create a big application at all, I just wanted something to help me. However some friends of mine were also working with ASP and had the same problem, so I gave them a copy of the application. They found it useful and asked me if perhaps I could add something so that it would allow them to ďtestĒ their SQL Commands from within the application. Thatís how SQLTester was born. With the many new features added recently it became clear SQLTester could be used for much more then just testing, so it became QuickSQL.

1SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard interactive and programming language for getting information from and updating a database. Although SQL is both an ANSI and an ISO standard, many database products support SQL with proprietary extensions to the standard language. Queries take the form of a command language that lets you select, insert, update, find out the location of data, and so forth. There is also a programming interface.

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